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An Unjust Judge

Pastor Alex Ford   Mark 15:1-15 Jesus Delivered to Pilate 15 And as soon as it was morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and scribes and the whole council. And they bound Jesus and led him away and delivered him over to Pilate. 2 And Pilate asked him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” And he answered him, “You have […]

In the Hour of Trial

Pastor Alex Ford   Mark 14:53-72 (English Standard Version) Jesus Before the Council 53 And they led Jesus to the high priest. And all the chief priests and the elders and the scribes came together. 54 And Peter had followed him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest. And he was sitting with the guards and warming himself at the […]

In the Garden

Pastor Alex Ford (Note: apologies for not getting this posted yesterday!) Mark 14:26-52 (English Standard Version) Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial 26 And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. 27 And Jesus said to them, “You will all fall away, for it is written, ‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.’ 28 But […]

Passover Promise

Pastor Alex Ford   Mark 14:12-42 The Passover with the Disciples 12 And on the first day of Unleavened Bread, when they sacrificed the Passover lamb, his disciples said to him, “Where will you have us go and prepare for you to eat the Passover?” 13 And he sent two of his disciples and said to them, “Go into the city, and […]

A Day of Preparation

Pastor Alex Ford Mark 14:1-11 The Plot to Kill Jesus It was now two days before the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. And the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how to arrest him by stealth and kill him, for they said, “Not during the feast, lest there be an uproar from the people.” Jesus […]

Sign of the Times?

Pastor Alex Ford 2020-04-26 – Worship guide Mark 13 Jesus Foretells Destruction of the Temple And as he came out of the temple, one of his disciples said to him, “Look, Teacher, what wonderful stones and what wonderful buildings!” And Jesus said to him, “Do you see these great buildings? There will not be left here one […]

Caveat Emptor and the Christ

Pastor Alex Ford   Mark 12:35-44 Whose Son Is the Christ? And as Jesus taught in the temple, he said, “How can the scribes say that the Christ is the son of David? David himself, in the Holy Spirit, declared, “‘The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at my right hand,     until I put your enemies under your feet.”’ […]

Resurrection and Restoration

Pastor Alex Ford (Note: the audio on the live-stream was again cutting out, so I re-recorded the audio. You’ll find it posted just above the video recording below:) John 21 Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples After this Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias, and he revealed himself in this way. 2 Simon Peter, Thomas (called […]

The Good Shepherd

Pastor Alex Ford Psalm 23 The Lord is My Shepherd A Psalm of David The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I […]

Pray Then Like This

Pastor Alex Ford (Note: because of the coronavirus, we are streaming video rather than simply recording sound. One advantage is that the whole service is available.) Matthew 6:5-15 The Lord’s Prayer “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the […]